Working With Us Has Benefits

Explore our top-tier benefits designed to support your whole self.

Employee Stock
Ownership Plan

At Quartus, you're not just an employee. You're an owner. We reward you accordingly.

Learn About Employee Ownership
Flexible Work

Some days you want the interaction and energy of the office. Some days are all about sweatpants and quiet concentration. With flexible in-office and remote working days, we encourage both.

Paid Time Off

It's your time. Take it. Enjoy up to three weeks off in your first year - and more moving forward from there.

Strong Retirement Planning

As a co-owner, you'll build wealth and plan for retirement with confidence with competitive plans and 401(k) matching.

Bonus Time

For billable staff, if you work extra hours, you'll get extra value. Choose between additional dollars in your paycheck or additional PTO to relax after a job well done.

Top-Tier Health Benefits Packages

We offer competitive packages for medical, dental, vision, wellness stipends, and much more.

Life Insurance

Financially protect yourself and your loved ones with life insurance policies for you, your spouse, and your children.

Disability Insurance

Tap into short- or long-term disability insurance if illness or injury makes you unable to work.

Tuition Reimbursement

We're a team of lifelong learners - so we offer financial support to help you pursue your education.

Annual Bonuses

We celebrate our success with annual bonuses based on individual and company performance.

Sustainability Benefits

When you choose sustainable methods of transportation to and from the office, we all benefit. Our Alternative Commuting Benefit and EV Addendum are our ways of saying "thanks."

Fertility & Adoption Assistance

Looking to expand your family? We're thrilled for you - and we'll offer up to 5% of your annual salary to reimburse for fertility treatment expenses or adoption fees.

Professional Membership Fee Reimbursement

We encourage our teams to expand and share their knowledge in professional associations. We will reimburse membership fees of up to $120/year.




Transparent Pay Philosophy

We’re proud of our fair, consistent salary administration practices that comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and requirements — so we share them openly. Dig into the details here.



Other Perks

Do we work hard? Yes. Do we crush souls? No. See how we infuse respect, balance, and fun into our culture.


Mentorship Programs

Learn from experienced team members when you arrive. Help others as you grow. We're all in this together.

Charitable Match

Changing the world starts in our own communities. We offer charitable giving matches to organizations of your choice and a paid day off to volunteer.

Teambuilding Events

We're fun people who like to have fun with fun people. Sounds fun, right?

Costco Membership

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn't love Costco?

Fresh Fruit, Drinks and Snacks

We'll help you fuel up to solve the world's most complex engineering problems.


Ping pong.
Bring your A game.

On-Site Showers

Biking to work?
Surfing at lunch?
No worries.
You can freshen up here.