Quartus has provided design and analysis support to the consumer products market across countless product lifecycles and evolutions. Quartus can support product development at any phase, including by evaluating preliminary configurations during the conceptual design phase, performing trade studies to optimize a design through prototyping and engineering validation testing, and diagnosing issues and improving performance during the device sustaining period.


Advanced Nonlinear Analysis

  • Large displacements, load path identification
  • Complex contact interactions
  • Nonlinear materials (plasticity, hyperelasticity, foam)
  • Internal & external pressure simulation
  • Fatigue, creep, and stress relaxation analysis

Explicit Dynamic Drop and Impact Simulation

  • Drop test, ball drop, crash test
  • Electronic boards strain distribution & solder failure prediction
  • Test correlation and failure diagnosis

Modal Vibration Analysis

  • Natural frequency extraction
  • Sine and random vibration
  • Control isolator design

Thermal and Fluid Analysis

  • Temperature-dependent and nonlinear materials
  • Conduction with contact, convection, radiation
  • Steady-state or transient multi-phase heat transfer

Structural Optimization

  • Minimize deflection, optimize stiffness/weight
  • Target natural frequency bands
  • Composite laminate optimization

Loads and Environment Derivation

  • Test planning, instrument selection, test support
  • Environmental characterization
  • Pre-test analysis, and post-test correlation  
Drop-test model of handheld electronic device




Strain contours of a PCBA



Design for Optimization
Quartus engineers are experts in providing optimized design recommendations that meet project requirements, all while balancing the competing interests of performance vs budget. Quartus’ involvement in the consumer products industry has supported device development spanning multiple markets, such as videogaming, household smart-devices, wearable technology, action cameras, user-controlled and small consumer grade UAV’s, fitness devices and equipment, personal electronic protective gear, medical and prosthetics, bikes and scooters, and related accessories.