Quartus is a leader in aircraft structural and aeroelastic analysis with decades of combined aircraft experience. By leveraging the combined knowledge and diverse technical backgrounds of our engineers, Quartus has made great contributions to the development of a range of vehicles from the commercial sector to experimental Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (EVTOL) platforms. Quartus has helped push forward EVTOL technology by closely supporting the development cycles of numerous electric vehicles with multi-rotor propulsion systems and helping our customers achieve successful first flights.


Lifting surface and whirl flutter analysis on
Makani energy harvesting kite

Stress Analysis and Sizing

  • Finite element model development
  • Efficient load application methods and results processing
  • Linear buckling and post buckling analysis
  • Metallic and composites strength analysis
  • Damage durability and fatigue analysis

Loads and Dynamics

  • Dynamic model development
  • Ground vibration testing and model correlation
  • Flight loads, gust and CFD analysis
  • Landing simulations and dynamic loads development

Aeroelastic Analysis

  • Static aeroelastic analysis and dynamic aeroelastic responses
  • Flutter (Lifting surface, propeller whirl, panel, etc...)
  • Aeroservoelastic analysis
  • FAR compliance experience



Stratolaunch Aircraft first flight on April 13, 2019



Scaled Composites-Stratolaunch Structural and Aeroelastic Support

Quartus has been supporting the Stratolaunch project since its infancy, which in 2019 became the world’s largest wingspan aircraft to ever fly. Quartus initially provided support in the form of aeroelastic flutter analysis and trade studies, and eventually performed finite element analysis modeling and structural analysis on nearly all parts of the airplane. The majority of the analysis was performed using NX-NASTRAN, with ABAQUS being utilized for some tougher non-linear problems.

Multi-year effort supporting design and structural analysis of all-composite aircraft/launcher

  • Development of full-vehicle stress, dynamics and aeroelastic finite element models (FEMs)
  • Detailed analysis-driven design and stress analysis of fuselage, empennage, wing, and cabins
  • Lead for flutter program up to first flight
    • Extensive flutter sensitivity analysis
    • Ground vibration test planning and post-test FEM correlation
    • Flight control system dynamic aeroelastic analysis
  • Design and analysis of main landing gear
  • Landing simulations