Quartus is an industry-leading expert in the correlation of simulation models to test derived data. Our engineers have performed tests for aerospace, entertainment, and other industries where test-derived data was successfully used to tune simulation models to match reality. Quartus has experience correlating simulation models to match results from static, modal, sine & random vibration, acoustic, and thermal testing. Quartus is experienced with correlation of large and complex systems, including the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) which was successfully correlated to modal survey data. Pre-test analysis is used to demonstrate candidate sensor locations to accurately map the structural response of interest, and theoretical predictions are compared with the test derived data. Using design sensitivity and updating tools available through NASTRAN and proprietary software, Quartus is capable of quickly aligning simulation with reality. Metrics such as cross orthogonality checks (Figure 1) and FRF comparisons (Figure 2) are often used to assess the correlation.