Aeroelastic Analysis

Extensive Aeroelastic Capabilities


Quartus has extensive capabilities for performing aeroelastic analysis. Capabilities include:

  • Flutter
  • Divergence
  • Gust and random response
  • Static aeroelastic response

Subsonic To Hypersonic


Quartus capabilities include a suite of algorithms suited for different speed regimes.

  • Doublet Lattice method (M < 1)
  • Constant Pressure method (M < 3.5)
  • Piston Theory (M < 5)
  • ZTRAN for transonic (M ~ 1)
  • ZONA6/ZONA7 for subsonic/supersonic
  • ZONA7U for supersonic/hypersonic



Quartus uses leading software tools for performing aeroelastic analysis.

  • ZAERO®
  • MSC Nastran
  • NX Nastran
  • Custom codes for V-G and V-F postprocessing

Extensive Experience

Quartus personnel have extensive experience in performing aeroelastic analysis. Cases include:

  • Subsonic and supersonic flutter analysis of SpaceShipOne
  • Subsonic and supersonic flutter analysis of WhiteKnight Two & SpaceShipTwo
  • Subsonic flutter of Stratolaunch
  • Flutter analysis of Shadow 200 and M2
  • Subsonic and supersonic flutter analysis of XCOR Lynx
  • Predator B whirl flutter
  • Pegasus and Pegasus XL captive carry (subsonic) and free flight (up to Mach 5)
  • Panel flutter analysis of a supersonic missile
  • Flutter and divergence analysis for the Altair high altitude research vehicle (modified Predator-B)
  • Piaggio P-180 preliminary flutter analysis (elastic axis models) and detailed flutter analysis (detailed 3-D FEM)
  • Piaggio P-180 wind tunnel flutter model development, analysis, and flutter test
  • Tomahawk cruise missile wing and fin flutter analysis
  • Ground launched cruise missile composite wing flutter analysis
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada PT-6 engine/propeller whirl flutter analysis
  • Windmill flutter including gyroscopic effects
  • Flutter analysis for the Improved Tactical Air Launched Drone (I-TALD)

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