Instron 34TM-50 Universal Testing Machine​

  • Max. load capacity of 50 kN (11,000 lbf)​
  • 1700 mm (67 in) of vertical test space​
  • 420 mm (16.5 in) of horizontal test space​


Develop material models, characterize the forces in a sub-assembly, validate models​

  • Tension​, compression​ and bending​
  • Insert bond strength (shear and tension)
  • Material models for medical device FEMs
  • Validation of additive manufactured components
  • Adhesive bond strength
  • Bolt strength and bolted joint strength


  • Grips
  • Compression platens
  • Three-point bend
  • T-slot table
  • Custom fixtures



Compression Platens


Three-Point Bend Test