Quartus knows the challenges of each phase of the product cycle and provides the appropriate value add throughout a product development effort. As a design house, Quartus works from the beginning to put in place the appropriate design features to facilitate a smooth transition from prototype development to production. As a production house, Quartus leverages the close proximity of the technical team responsible for the initial development efforts to ensure any unforeseen issues in production are addressed quickly and efficiently by the team that developed the parts and tooling from the start.

If the intent is high quantity, low cost production, we are prepared to meet your initial production needs while our engineering team gets you ready for handoff to a CM or integration at your own production facility. When high precision alignment is required we develop automated systems to provide high tolerance and repeatable solutions to reduce touch time and increase throughput. All of our assembly and measurement equipment is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 or equivalent and production work follows our ISO 9001 quality processes.


Quartus works with each customer to understand the traceability appropriate for each product to optimize the production costs for each product’s need. Quartus has experience putting the required processes in place for critical certifications, such as from the FAA, or for space flight hardware. Standard production processes at Quartus incorporate the use of work instructions and travellers to document build processes. This documentation can be done at the final unit level, or if appropriate, Quartus can provide lot traceability of all subassemblies, including traceability down to the material certifications of each component for any required root cause analysis of returned parts.


In addition to providing high quality production, Quartus is well equipped to continue product development concurrently with ongoing production efforts. The involvement of the engineering team throughout the product development cycle provides an exceptional opportunity to incorporate design improvements to the current production lines, or provide additional insight into future product development efforts and upgrades. Quartus will work with each customer to incorporate valuable lessons learned from one product in a family to the next, adding additional value to each development effort.