Quartus Engineering Incorporated provides a wide variety of engineering services for an array of industries to meet their technological challenges. Quartus personnel are experts using computer aided tools to formulate solutions, allowing our customers to bring products to market within budget and on time. Our staff specializes in design, analysis test and prototype build of complex systems.


Leverage our Experience

Each industry has unique challenges that require a specialized tool set in order to develop products. Quartus engineers understand the value of computer aided tools within your company’s processes because we utilize these same tools to solve our customer’s challenges. We utilize tools specific to your industry, but also draw from the experience gained through projects in other industries to develop cutting edge processes that are suitable for your specific job.


Quality Control to Meet your Needs

Quartus specializes in producing high end, optical and electro-mechanical assemblies, in prototype to low and mid rate production quantities, as well as optical alignment and integration services. Quartus’ ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility, with clean room laboratory and workshop, is dedicated to system build, alignment, and verification testing.


Quality Policy: We achieve our customer's objectives by providing clear communication, adapting to changes, and continuously finding ways to improve.

Quartus Engineering Incorporated is committed to our customer's success and providing the best services possible. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is designed to meet our customer's changing needs and demanding requirements. We have experience with many standards and specifications across multiple industries and have on-site inspection equipment to ensure we provide the needed accuracy. To support this effort, we are:


Quartus Engineering works with clients to help improve their products by:

Complementing in-house personnel to provide flexible staffing levels to meet tight project schedules and reduce time-to-market

Developing advanced methods and custom programs to improve engineering capabilities and productivity


Quartus understands the critical role that testing plays in different stages of product development

In Quartus’ 20 years of providing analysis, design and manufacturing support, testing has played a key role in the meeting customers expectations; the role that testing plays depends on the project and the needs of the customer. Quartus can work independently or with customers to develop test plans, test setups, test fixtures, and perform the required testing.

Customer Security

Customer security and trust is a top priority to Quartus Engineers.

Quartus understands that every project has intellectual property that must be protected and preserved. To comply with our customer's security needs, we are:

ITAR Registered

DFAR 252.204-7012 Compliant