Medical Devices

Numerous Physiologic Conditions

Quartus engineers have years of experience designing, analyzing, and testing medical devices throughout the whole body. We have performed one-off simulations, assistance with submission materials, and complex Design-of-Experiments.  From single-use products, to wearable products, to permanent implants, our team has the experience in areas such as:

  • Cardiac implantable and disposable devices
  • Orthopedic implants and tools
  • Otolarynology devices                        
  • Single-use, and multi-use test equipment
  • Prosthetics 

Structural, Thermal, Fluid Flow, Multi-Physics

The body is a complex system of many physical domains. Quartus looks at each simulation carefully to determine the appropriate level of multi-system complexity needed, and thus the best software package to solve the problem. We can assist in problem definition through insights gained over the years to reduce complexity where possible, and offer best practices advice to ensure the correct solution is achieved.

             image                                                                               image 

Acute and Fatigue Response

Individual needs based on the device, intended anatomical target, and medical procedure, dictate whether acute device responses, short-term fatigue, long-term fatigue, or a combination are of utmost importance. We use finite element analysis to determine device stress/strain states at any point during the procedure. Additionally, reaction loads or resulting effects on surrounding tissue can be analyzed, thus ensuring appropriate device/tissue interface.

image                                          image

Nitinol Subject Matter Experts

Our engineers have years of experience designing, processing, and analyzing complex geometry using nitinol. This familiarity with this unique material allows for more ease of initiating projects, and a better interpretation of results. Come to us with your nitinol challenge!


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Who We Are

Quartus Engineering specializes in system design & development, simulation & analysis, testing, prototyping and manufacturing of mechanical systems for a wide-range of industries and are experts in simulation-driven engineering. We are a complete engineering solution provider from concept, prototype through low volume or complex production. We design for manufacturability and transition to high volumes with ease with Quartus as your guide. Quartus has depth and broad range of industry and product experience that includes: Civil/Space, Defense, Aircraft/Transportation, Consumer Products, Optics & Photonics and Medical/Life Science. Quartus is focused on game changing applications like remote sensing, metrology, thermal, LiDAR, use of novel materials and other innovative technologies and measurement approaches that span multiple industries and are faced with extreme environments and other complex engineering challenges.

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