Quartus has extensive experience and capabilities in the area of thermal design, management, and analysis. Steady-state & transient heat transfer, coupled CFD/thermal, thermal distortion, and STOP (structural/ thermal/optical) analyses are core strengths of our analysis group.


The analysis group at Quartus has experience performing thermal analysis and solving challenging thermal management problems for a wide range of applications and industries. Common projects and industries include:

  • Electronics cooling
    • Free & forced convection
    • Steady-state & transient
    • Spacecraft electronics
    • Military Environments
    • Ground & airborne systems
  • On-orbit thermal (orbit & radiation modeling)
    • Spacecraft-level & payload-level programs, including cryogenic systems
  • External aerodynamics & aero-heating
  • STOP analysis
    • Thermal management & performance analysis for optical components and systems
    • System pointing, surface distortion, Zernike fits, stress birefringence, thermo-optic effects, etc.
  • Advanced energy systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • Ground-based telescopes & observatory enclosures


Quartus maintains and has extensive experience with a suite of advanced software tools for thermal analysis.

    • Electronics cooling, coupled CFD/thermal
  • Radiation modeling, on-orbit thermal, simplistic convection models, coupled simulations with ESC
  • Thermal Desktop (SINDA/FLUINT)
    • Full-purpose code, Spacecraft on-orbit thermal, radiation modeling
    • Complex thermal/CFD problems, multi-physics, aero-heating
  • Nastran, Abaqus, & ANSYS
    • Thermal distortion, heat transfer problems
  • Quartus STOP Toolkit
    • Extensive internal Matlab tool for optical performance analysis