The Possibilities Are Endless

And we’re chasing down every last one.

Our work can be found beside you on the manufacturing floor, orbiting above you, and right in the palm of your hand. Explore some of the many applications of our expertise — then reach out to add yours to the list.



Discover how we’ve helped our customers safely push the boundaries of performance in the commercial sector, electric vertical takeoff and landing platforms, and beyond.

Remote Sensing

Our work on remote sensing instruments spans industries and environments, including many systems that must survive launch loads and operate in airborne and spaceborne environments.

Laser Communications

We’ve designed and built ground- and space-based laser communication terminals for a wide range of applications.



Launch Vehicles

From our very first project doing dynamic analysis of the Space Shuttle solid rocket motors to more recent work on ARES and the SLS, our deep expertise in launch vehicles sets us apart.


When off-the-shelf systems can’t meet the need, our custom metrology solutions deliver precision measurements that help improve quality, yields, and efficiency in even the hardest-to-measure scenarios.


Our spacecraft experience spans the full cycle — from early system development trades to launch and on-orbit support.




From general lens design to complete telescopes and space science payloads, we deliver optical systems that perform reliably anywhere — and every time.


With a full suite of engineering services, we’re equipped to deliver reliable mechanisms for some of the most challenging applications out there.


From single-use products to wearables to permanent implants, we have years of experience designing, analyzing, and testing medical devices throughout the whole body.




Leveraging our broad team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, we deliver complete systems for nearly any automated manufacturing process.

Consumer Products

We offer design and analysis to support the consumer products market across countless product lifecycles and evolutions.


Whether you need our expertise in space, on the manufacturing line, or anywhere in between, you can count on our decades of experience analyzing, designing, and building complete mechatronics systems.