Quartus Engineering has developed custom software programs to address specialized analysis requirements.


Q-HYDRO is a program for performing hydroelastic analysis of incompressible fluids in rigid or elastic tanks.


  • Completely enclosed
  • Free surface including slosh
  • Free surface with slosh mass removed

Q-HYDRO is based on the pressure formulation for representing an incompressible fluid. This approach has been shown to be very accurate for liquid propellant launch vehicles, satellite propellant tanks, and other applications.

Q-HYDRO develops input files to create fluid superelements using MSC.NASTRAN and is compatible with the structured solution sequences (SSS).


Q-DRM is a suite of custom MSC.NASTRAN DMAP alters and related programs for creating data recovery matrices. This data is used for coupled loads analysis of complex systems such as launch vehicles and satellites. Q-DRM has the following features:

  • Craig-Bampton stiffness and mass matrices
  • Data recovery matrices for accelerations, displacements, element forces, stresses, and interface loads
  • Mode acceleration method for accurate displacements and loads
  • Compatible with both single level and multi-level superelements

Quartus uses these programs to perform specialty projects. We also sell the programs to our clients. Deliverables include source code, documentation, and example files. On-site training and extended support can also be provided. Please contact us for more information on any of the custom programs or support services.