RocketCam DVS


Ecliptic Enterprises provides onboard video and imaging systems for use with rockets, spacecraft and other remote platforms. These systems must operate in conditions of extreme heat, shock, noise and vibration. The DVS is a spacecraft-mounted unit providing image-processing functionality to space exploration missions. The DVS must be able to sustain heavy acceleration loads (take-off, stage separation, …) as well as important orbital thermal gradients, without avionics components failure caused by vibration, fatigue or overheating.


avionics_enclosure_femAccess Structural Survivability

Quartus was contracted by Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation to analyze the survivability of their RocketCam DVS avionics enclosure. Two models were created for this analysis; a finite difference thermal model and a finite element structural model. Load cases simulating high acceleration loads and modal analysis were completed on the structural model while orbital radiation heating and internal conduction were considered with the thermal model. Printed wiring boards were simulated with anisotropic materials and components explicitly modeled to predict case and junction temperatures.

Perform Advanced Analysis

Thermal modeling and analysis was conducted using I-DEAS TMG while stress and modal analyses were completed using FEMAP™ and NX NASTRAN™. Due to the different model requirements and boundary conditions, two very different models were required for this analysis. Displacement results were recovered from the model and component fatigue life calculations using Steinberg methodology were made to estimate the time to failure for each component under random vibration environments.


Engineering Methods

  • Quasi-Static Loads Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis

Computer Aided Tools

  • SolidWorks™
  • FEMAP™


Quartus performed advanced analysis to verify survivability of video and imaging systems during launch and space operations. Full documentation of analysis results was delivered to Ecliptic Enterprises for inclusion in a system level design review report.