Optical Systems

See Beyond the Competition

Optical Case Study Overview

Opto-Mechanical structures are at the crossroads of advanced physics, hostile environments, and exact manufacturing. Bringing an optical product to market often requires a monumental effort and faces many challenges along the way. Quartus has experience identifying these challenges in advance, allowing our engineers to design optical structures that meet the environmental requirements, letting scientists and physicists push the envelop of what is possible.

Build Your Optical Prescription

Quartus provides services to develop innovative and efficient solutions for your optical system. Employing kinematic mounting principles, design for decoupled DOF motion mounts, thermal and vibration stabilization techniques, and proper material selection, Quartus will generate a design to meet the performance requirements and specifications of your application. Our expertise in opto-mechanical design, precision positioning mechanisms, thermal analysis, structural analysis, drafting, fabrication, system integration, and product testing can take your design from an optical prescription to a complete and tested prototype build.

Our customers include:

  • University of Hawaii
  • ATK
  • L-3 Communications
  • LightWorks Optics
  • Raytheon