Telecommunication Test Equipment


Tempo wanted to deliver a new and exciting product that met the growing needs of technicians diagnosing and maintaining telecommunication equipment.


sidekick_plusDevelop a Packaging Plan

Tempo did not have mechanical engineers staff available for the Sidekick® Plus product and management hired Quartus to deliver a package meeting form and function requirements. The electrical engineering team generated an (electrically) functioning prototype but incorporated nothing to house the components. Quartus needed to turn the bill of materials into a new product that fit the same family look as the Sidekick II. Quartus engineers also needed to design the product to be rugged enough to survive a drop from a telephone pole.

Coordinate Design and Manufacturing

Quartus utilized a rough design concept and generated CAD based industrial designs, catered to their target market, for Tempo® to pick from. Tempo and Quartus worked together to refine the industrial design package and when a look that satisfied all parties was agreed upon, Quartus created a detailed design for manufacturing that safely housed the electronics and appropriately represented the product family image. Quartus acted as the mechanical design team and helped the customer produce parts to prove the design concept.


sidekick_explodeTempo® brought their product to market, maintained the product line brand identity, and utilizes a scalable manufacturing production process that will grow with demand.

Engineering Services

  • Industrial design
  • Manufacturing tool design
  • Solidworks™ CAD models
  • Coordinated manufacturin