Satellite DSL Model


Hughes was contracted by Thuraya to develop a mobile satellite terminal that packs high bandwidth with streaming capability into a package half the size of a laptop computer.


Design for Manufacturing

Quartus Engineering was brought onto the Hughes team to develop injection molded plastic parts that safely protected all the electronic components and met form and function needs. Quartus drew upon its experience to negotiate requirements between the industrial designers, electrical engineers, and manufacturers and turn the concept into a viable product. In addition to transforming the bill of materials into a working design, Quartus also selected connectors and other hardware components to meet the changing requirements throughout the design cycle.

full_modemWithstand Severe Environments

The ThurayaIP must work in the most demanding of conditions that include extreme heat, cold, and rain. Quartus Engineering utilized advanced injection molding packaging techniques to guarantee the product not only survives these environments, but is fully functional and will meet product warranty specifications. Our engineers drew from our relationship with component manufacturers to select the highest quality components capable of meeting these demanding environmental requirements while maintaining Hughes manufacturing cost targets.


The ThurayaIP, built to operate in the most demanding environments, delivers high-quality video and large file transfers throughout Thuraya’s satellite coverage footprint in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Engineering Services

  • Industrial design
  • Hardware selection
  • Manufacturing tool design
  • Pro-Engineer CAD modeling
  • Coordinated manufacturing