Product Development

Package Your User Experience

The market for consumer products is growing at an exponential rate as hardware technology gets smaller and cheaper allowing companies to address a new paradigm of consumer needs. Quartus engineers understand the process of integrating form with function to package and deliver your intended user experience. We help customers quickly take industrial design concepts to large scale production products by leveraging our expertise in design, analysis, and testing in combination with our database of manufactures and hardware vendors.

Design Quality into Quantity

Mobile Phone Assembly Blowup Diagram

The consumer’s perception of quality is instrumental to the success of your product. Exceeding product lifetime guarantees and minimizing warranty costs not only increases your profit potential, it boosts awareness of brand identity by associating your product with quality . Quartus engineers understand the metrics used to judge quality and we add value to product development by negotiating manufacturing capabilities with product requirements to exceed consumer expectations.

Manage Global Engineering Collaboration

The pace of technology and product development demands the full utilization of today’s global economy and Quartus can help you manage the international team of engineers and manufacturers. Quartus has expertise helping companies select manufacturers, implement design intent, and manage communication between all parties through business relationships and product lifecycle management software. Quartus engineers are fluent in the language of marketing driven industrial design, mechanical design, and manufacturing allowing you to take advantage of the 24 hour workday and bring your product to market on time and within budget.

Build with Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Innovation sets your company apart from the competetors as you address markets that were previously unknown to the establishment. Years of consumer product design and manufacturing gives Quartus engineers insight into the direction of hardware vendor research and developement allowing us to recommend solutions to your challenges that meet your innovation and price point targets. Let Quartus engineers help you shape the consumer experience by utilizing our knowledge of tomorrow’s technology and our ability to match form to function.

Our customers include:

  • Microsoft
  • Watkins
  • Tempo
  • Thuraya
  • Photothera
  • Cymer
  • Sine-vibe Analysis
  • True Von Mises Random Stress Recovery
  • Topology Optimization