Missile Flight Sensor


Our customer was charged with driving down the cruise missile unit cost with a commercially-based, “cruise-like” missile. Utilizing off-the-shelf components and advanced engineering practices they expect to drive down the cost of the Affordable Weapon to one tenth of the cost of the existing cruise missile.


Evaluate the Structure

Quartus drew upon its structural analysis expertise to evaluate the Affordable Weapon’s structural response to its unique environmental challenges. High fidelity finite element models were created of various weapon subsystems for analysis in NASTRAN to gain an in depth understanding of the vehicle’s behavior. During this evaluation period specific mechanical systems were targeted for further evaluation and refinement in order to meet the performance challenges.

Validate its Behavior

In order to correlate the physical structure with the finite element analysis models, Quartus performed a series of tests to solidify the understanding of the structure. Static, Operational, and Modal testing was implemented to validate the behavior across the dynamic and static realms. Good correlation was achieved between the test results and analysis results allowing our customer to further refine the structure, improving performance, knowing with confidence that the Affordable Weapon will meet performance objectives.

Implement Changes

Using the results from testing and final definitions for launch boundary conditions, Quartus performed a trade study to minimize structural weight and improve performance while keeping costs to a minimum. Drawing from our extensive aviation background, Quartus was able to suggest changes to the design that helped the structure to meet performance requirements in a timely manner.


Quartus recommended changes to the Affordable weapon’s various structural systems to meet it unique launch and flight challenges. We delivered critical drawings supported by in depth analysis reports outlining the behavior of the systems components showing positive margins. The results were communicated to our customer in a timely manner that met their demanding customer driven schedule.