Electronics Unit


Boeing Satellite Development Center’s Structural Dynamics Group is tasked with verifying the structural integrity of satellite components to support demanding margins of safety and an aggressive launch schedule.


Perform Advanced Analysis

Quartus performed structural analysis of a mid-sized satellite electronics unit for Boeing. Quartus received Pro-E solid models as well as interface and design requirement documents and analyzed to those requirements. Static, modal, random vibration and thermal simulations as well as Steinberg PWB component fatigue and bolted joint calculations were performed.

Verify Flight Worthiness

Analysis was performed for acceptance, proto-qualification and qualification level cumulative fatigue damage including test, launch random vibration, acoustic panel deflection, and on-orbit thermal cycling utilizing both finite element results and hand calculations. The finite element model, which was built using UGS-NX and NX I-deas, very closely followed the true geometry with over 2.5 million DOF.


Quartus Engineering identified and mitigated risk by performing analysis on Quartus refined high fidelity models and creating analysis reports to support a successful CDR (Critical Design Review).

Engineering Methods

  • Static Analysis
  • Modal Analysis
  • Random Vibration
  • Electronic Fatigue
  • Super-element Analysis

Computer Aided Tools

  • Pro-Engineer™
  • NX I-Deas™