Avionics Substructure


Boeing Satellite Development Center’s Structural Dynamics Group is tasked with verifying the structural integrity of satellite components to support demanding margins of safety and an aggressive launch schedule.


Evaluate the Structure

Quartus was contracted by Boeing Satellite Development Center to provide support for their structural dynamics group. Analysis and post-processing of data from multiple dynamic tests were performed using Microsoft Excel. Results were used to validate the structural integrity of the satellite and any discovered risks were mitigated.


Quartus Engineering identified and mitigated risk by performing analysis on Quartus refined high fidelity models and creating analysis reports to support a successful CDR (Critical Design Review). Update the Design Using I-DEAS and FEMAP, support structure was added to two satellite panel finite element models (FEMs) used in the satellite dynamics model to account for the addition of a large unit on each panel. One of the two panel FEMs was refined by a factor of 30 for use in stress analysis, while still keeping the model compatible with the satellite dynamic model.

Engineering Methods

  • Dynamic Test Data Analysis and Report
  • Finite Element Model Refinement

Computer Aided Tools

  • FEMAP™
  • NX I-Deas™
  • Microsoft Office™