Launch into the New Frontier

The aerospace industry balances many challenges in order to successfully move beyond the sky and into space. Engineers at Quartus have developed many methods to transport structures into this new frontier for over 40 years. We understand your unique aerospace requirements and have experience designing, analyzing, and testing structures for space flight.

Optimize to Meet Requirements

Designing any structure for space flight requires a long list of compromises in order to meet the demands of scientists, launch requirements, and space flight. The negotiations are unique in the sense that all party’s requirements must be satisfied. Quartus understands this process and we provide solutions to help negotiate this delicate balance by optimizing structures for its specific environment and documenting the structural response using modern techniques that quickly arrive upon a solution in what would otherwise be a complicated tradeoff study.

Experience Brings Success

Quartus has provided advanced technological solutions for many customers across a broad spectrum of aerospace structures. Some of our current and past customers include.

  • Northrop Gumman
  • Boeing
  • Orbital Space Sciences
  • Scaled Composites
  • Air Launch
  • ATK