Environmental Testing

Understand Product Environments

Operational Testing

Identifying, measuring, and quantifying the operational environment provides our customers with the information necessary to determine a structure’s performance relative to design goals, ensuring engineering objectives are satisfied. Quartus performs environmental testing to develop accurate boundary conditions used to gauge and optimize a structure’s response. Quartus has the experience and equipment necessary to design your test, install measurement sensors, acquire data, analyze results, and implement design changes to meet the performance requirements.

Know the Next Generation will Exceed Expectations

Quartus test engineers help our customers maximize information available from existing intellectual property (IP) through the use of environmental testing to identify and characterize performance-limiting boundary conditions. Our test team has the expertise necessary to efficiently monitor, record, and evaluate the structural response at locations that are representative of the product’s performance. The results of this evaluation effort allow our customers to assess the performance of existing product features and refine requirements for the next generation of products.

Accurate Answers Available Now

Quartus utilizes industry-leading data acquisition (DAQ) hardware, software, and sensors to quickly setup and monitor a structure’s response to environmental conditions. Our test team has experience characterizing vibration, thermal, and static environments.  We can quickly provide answers to your most pressing problems. Our past projects have included small tests where a single accelerometer was placed on a structure to large channel count tests where 150+ sensors were monitored simultaneously. Our versatility and flexibility allow us to integrate with any project in whatever capacity is required.