Data Acquisition

Reliably Measure Performance

Quartus utilizes industry-leading National Instruments and LMS data acquisition (DAQ) hardware to provide a highly flexible and scalable test solution that meets our customer’s testing needs.  High-quality DAQ hardware, capable of monitoring structural and electrical signals of all types and magnitudes, is easily transported and rapidly setup at the test site to deliver answers to engineering challenges.  Measurements such as strain, temperature, vibration, and force are measured using 24-bit digital resolution at up to 200kHz per channel providing the Quartus test team tools capable of meeting any test challenge.

Evaluate Test Results in Real-Time

LabVIEW, Matlab, and Test.Lab provide a flexible environment capable of providing instant feedback allowing Quartus to monitor and evaluate the results of the test in real-time.  Specifically, Quartus expertise in LabVIEW and Matlab allows for test-specific measurement and control applications with protocol capable of indicating and reacting to specific test milestones to improve test efficiency and/or safety of the hardware and test participants.