Model Correlation

Align Simulation with Reality

Quartus is an industry-leading expert in the correlation of simulation models to test derived data.  Our engineers have performed tests for aerospace, entertainment, and other industries where test-derived data was successfully used to tune simulation models for increased accuracy.  Pre-test analysis is used to demonstrate candidate sensor locations accurately map the structural response of interest and theoretical predictions are compared with the test derived data.  Using design sensitivity and updating tools available through NASTRAN and proprietary software, Quartus quickly aligns simulation with reality.

Optimize the Correlation Process

Quartus correlates simulation models with test data to provide our customers with accurate answers to complex problems.  Using tools such as NASTRAN, a sensitivity study is performed where new or existing finite element model (FEM) properties are identified and evaluated allowing our engineers to converge on a solution that meets correlation goals.  Using dynamic targets such as effective mass, frequencies, and mode shapes, FEM sensitivity information is used in an iterative optimization process to improve model and simulation reliability.