Aerospace Fitting Optimization Process

Converge on Optimal Solutions

Quartus engineers utilize advanced optimization tools to successfully identify engineering solutions that navigate the interaction between design variables such as cost, weight, and performance.  Design optimization utilizes a systemic approach where user-defined criteria is evaluated in an iterative simulation where performance improvements are assessed relative to structural and environmental variations.   Optimization tools utilized by Quartus include:

  • Altair Optistruct
  • NX Nastran
  • LS Dyna

Efficiently Utilize Design Space

Topology optimization allows Quartus engineers to explore the entire available design space in a process that lets boundary conditions “design” their own solution.  Optistruct is an innovative tool that iteratively adjusts element properties to empirically derive the “best” solution.  The end result of the topology optimization yields the potential for innovative designs that maximize new and existing manufacturing capabilities.

Identify Bounding Variables

The performance of an optimized design is only as good as the accuracy and characterization of bounding variables.  Quartus engineers have the capabilities and experience to identify and define optimization criteria that effectively represents the conditions in which the product is to operate.  Static, dynamic, and more exotic criteria like genetic algorithms are used by Quartus to deliver solutions that meet our customer’s specific requirements.