Solutions Converge with Cross-Discipline Integrated Analysis

Quartus’ expertise in the simulation and evaluation of mechanical systems allows our engineers to deliver complete solutions for requirements and specifications that span engineering disciplines.  Our analysis group is composed of members well versed in the application of different analysis methods allowing our team to identify and mathematically characterize the contributing factors needed to accurately simulate the performance of complex mechanical systems.  Using industry-leading CAE simulation tools, coupled with our model development expertise, we provide our customers with a single source solution capable of solving problems in the following domains:

  • Static and dynamic mechanical evaluation
  • Thermal, transient, and steady state
  • Computation fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Aeroelastic stability and coupled loads
  • Optimization with complex and weighted constraints
  • Crash simulation of non-linear systems
  • Optical system beam tracking

Actionable Results Derived from Complex Simulations

Quartus engineers provide more than results, we provide solutions.  Our analysis heritage and experience using CAE tools to simulate complex engineering environments provide us with the context needed to accurately interpret and recommend solutions that are practical, cost effective, and realizable for our customers.  Quartus engineers deliver solutions using the following industry-leading CAE tools:

  • SIMULIA Abaqus
  • ZONA Technology ZAERO
  • MSC Software Nastran
  • Altair HyperWorks
  • Altair OptiStruct
  • MathWorks MatLab
  • CD-adapco STAR-CCM+

Products Engineered Effectively with Analysis-Driven Design

Quartus understands the importance of concurrent engineering where analysis is used to guide the design of mechanical systems early in the development cycle.  Our engineers work with customers to quickly deliver value-centric solutions to engineering challenges through the early identification, assessment of importance, and evaluation of engineering variables.  A firm understanding of the tradeoffs associated with a given design allow our customers to accurately estimate the cost and time to production.

Optimized Designs Enhance Product Performance

Quartus engineers leverage CAE analysis tools to quickly converge on solutions to engineering problems where the most influential variables are not always known or well understood.  Design space exploration, topology optimization, and material exploration are all combined and evaluated in a single operation where an optimal mathematical solution is derived based on a complex array of constraint conditions.  Quartus delivers balanced and clear solutions to problems constructed from thousands of design variables.