Specialty Systems Development

Beyond delivering Turnkey Design Solutions, Quartus also develops and delivers complex, high precision optical systems for specialty applications.  These systems are unique and often one-of-a-kind requiring exquisite assembly and integration techniques that we have refined over many programs. Quartus’ ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility, with clean room laboratory and workshop, is dedicated to system build, integration, alignment, and test.  Quartus possesses all necessary instruments, tools and fixtures to support precise, repeatable assembly and alignment.  Further, Quartus offers extensive environmental and operational testing capabilities ensuring that each article meets expected performance requirements.

Develop and deliver high performance optical systems requiring very precise alignment for unique applications

  • Develop Highly Engineered Products
  • Work with Limited Quantity Runs, Typically One to Five Delivery Units
  • Conduct Test and Evaluation to Refine System
    • Unique Tooling and Test Support Equipment
    • Environmental and Operational Testing
    • Test Data Used to Refine FEA/CFD Simulation Models for Increased Accuracy



Image courtesy of Harris Corporation