Optical Systems

Complete Optical Systems Development and Delivery

Quartus has the technical expertise, personnel, equipment, and supplier network to execute custom design, analysis, build, and testing to ensure your optical system meets performance requirements, cost targets, and schedule. We continue to invest into our capabilities.  We have expanded facilities and acquired additional manufacturing and test equipment.  Our Optical Systems production and test facilities is ISO 9001 certified.  We also have accumulated significant experience handling and safeguarding technical data that are under ITAR restrictions.


Unique to Quartus is our advanced engineering analysis capabilities.  We have developed a proprietary, integrated opto-mechanical analysis tool that couples optical performance analysis with structure/dynamic and thermal response models of opto-mechanical assemblies.  Essentially, it creates a dynamic link between optical analysis software packages (e.g., Zemax, Code V) and structural and thermal analysis packages (e.g., NASTRAN, Maya TMG).  Using this tool, we can efficiently optimize optical performance metrics (e.g., wavefront error, distortion, encircled energy, image magnification and stability, entrance pupil magnification and wander) for deterministic environments.  An internal optimization code determines mounting support number and layout to minimize RMS surface figure errors, slope-RMS, etc.


Click here for a complete listing of our engineering analysis software tools and click here for our design software tools.

Markets Served

  • Government
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Consumer, Medical

Broad Experience With Innovative Solutions For High Performance Optical Systems

  • General Lens Design Ÿ
  • Laser Systems (VIS, EUV/DUV, NIR/MWIR)
  • LIDAR and other 3D imaging systems
  • Astronomical telescopes and instruments
  • NTE/HMD development
  • Various display technologies
  • Fiber Optic coupling
  • Spotting scopes (Handheld)
  • Diffractive elements
  • Illumination system design
  • Imaging systems (WFOV, NFOV)
  • Interferometric/Metrology systems

Deep Engineering Design and Analysis Capabilities across Product Development Life Cycle

  • Integrated Opto-Mechanical Analysis
  • Atmospheric Propagation Modeling
  • Software / firmware including algorithm development
  • Optical Design and Analysis
  • Structural, Thermal, Optical Performance (STOP) Analysis
  • Production Unit Delivery including system integration and test
  • Manufacturing



Image courtesy of UH, Pan-STARRS