Thermal Management

Balancing Your System From Source to Sink

Active systems, such as electronic components, laser sources, and spacecraft, generate heat which requires proper dissipation such that a stable thermal environment is achieved.  Our design, analysis, and test “one stop shop” allows us to converge on optimally balanced cooling solutions while simultaneously meeting packaging and other critical requirements. There are always a number of design solutions that will work, but based on experience we know the perfomance, cost, schedule, and weight implications that will maximize your profits.  Have you thought through all these details?  Do you know which other pitfalls are looming?

Utilize our Experience

Quartus engineers have experience solving thermal problems in a variety of areas including:

  • Laser system heating and cooling
  • Avionics cooling
  • Home electronics cooling
  • Automotive systems
  • Ballistic missile guidance platform cooling and thermal defomation
  • Custom heat sink designs
  • Custom heat pipes & heat spreaders
  • Fan design or selection (Mil spec fan experience)
  • Made to order Peltier devices
  • Complete vapor compression cycles
  • Sterling coolers